Huye Helicopter Combat Mission

Huye Helicopter Combat Mission

If there is one thing boys of all ages can't resist, it's a good adventure. However, the adventures that interest us tend to change as we grow older, tree climbing turns to abseiling swimming at the sea turns to surfing, kite boarding or diving and we leave those plastic helicopters behind for the real thing. Here she is guys, the Huey Helicopter and she is all yours for a simulated Huey Helicopter Combat Mission Adventure Flight, the adventure of a lifetime and not to be missed out on! This is the adrenalin rush you have been waiting for as you climb aboard an authentic ex-Vietnam Huey Helicopter. We will take you on a safe yet thrilling, (in the midst of the combat zone) adventure flight that will leave you in awe of this mean machine. Our Huey Helicopter Flights offer you low level flying, combat style manoeuvres, and awesome panoramic views of the Cape Peninsula. These flights are perfect for corporate mingling and team building events.


Take a simulated combat mission adventure flight in an authentic Huey Helicopter


Cape Town, based at the V&A Waterfront


Throughout the year, weather permitting


  • Dress comfortably
  • Windbreaker
  • Wear sturdy shoes that will not slip or fall off
  • Camera
  • High SPF sunscreen
  • Sunglasses


  • Seats are sold on an individual basis
  • Capacity of up to 14 passengers
  • Open doors offer a further taste of adventure

The Huey Helicopter is a military Helicopter whose full name is actually Bell UH-1 Series Iroquois. These helicopters were first made in the '50's and the use of the Huey in the Vietnam War is well recorded thanks to a great many Hollywood feature films in which it plays supporting roles. 'Full Metal Jacket', 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Platoon' are just a few of them.

Over 16000 Huey Helicopters were manufactured and from the '50's to this very day they have logged over 27million flight hours between them. Hueys were used for command and control, Medevac, assault gunships and transportation; they are the most popular and widely used helicopter worldwide.Aside from the Combat Mission Adventure Flight we also have other flights available over the Cape Town area, offering you fantastic views of the Mother City as you have never seen her before. This is a real treat for locals and newcomers to Cape Town alike. See the city from the best views for the first time ever or simply look at your home with a fresh pair of eyes. We offer scenic Huey helicopter flights of varying lengths touring over the cape, showing you all the highlights from the best seats in town, 10,000 feet up in the air!


  • R 3000 per person

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