Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning

This is a unique adventure tour that takes place in the beautiful area of the Boland. The flights take place in the scenic Berg River Valley outside of Paarl, towards Malmesbury. Balloon flights in Africa usually take place at sunrise, before thermal activity starts. Safe balloon flights depend on safe weather conditions. We cannot fly with fog, strong wind, too hot weather or rain. Before you come to the meeting point, we check the weather conditions and give you a wake-up call.

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of floating through the sky as slow as a cloud and as free as a bird. Fly near the most southern tip of Africa the Cape of Good Hope and see Table Mountain in a distance. You will be thrilled by the blues of the silhouette of the Paarl Rock and the endless rolling wheat fields glowing in the sun. A gentle ascent takes you well above tree top level and with a light breeze you fly away over fields, vineyards and orchards. All manoevres are smooth and silent with the exception of the short bursts of the burner. We will explain how to assist with the inflation and within half an hour you will be airborne. Ballooning is a sport and therefore everyone is welcome to help with rigging.


This trip takes place in the Cape Winelands - only a few minutes from Cape Town.


  • Length 1 Hour, but please allow 4-5 hours for the whole trip, inclusive of breakfast.
  • Departure Time Mornings. Ballooning Season: 15 Jan – 5 May 2011
  • Start Point Cape Winelands
  • End Point Cape Winelands
  • Transport Not Included - Can be arranged
  • Departs Everyday
  • Maximum People 4 – 5
  • Meals Breakfast buffet.


  • Price from R3000 per person

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