Microlight Flights

Microlight Flights

Open cockpit microlight flying is undoubtedly the closest you will ever come to experiencing the true magic of powered flight. Considered the motorbike of the skies, a microlight is the ultimate powered flying machine. Aquila Safaris strives to give you not only the joy of flight, but also to make your entire flying experience a memorable one! From the original Luftwaffe flight suit, leather cappie and goggles you will wear during your flight, to the eccentric characters who will pilot your aircraft, you will never forget your magical microlight experience! Completely exposed to the elements, you will feel the caress of the wind on your skin, and taste the sea spray as you skim the ocean waves. Touch a piece of heaven as you soar magestically above the clouds! This is a must for any adventure holiday.


Microlight Flights in Klipheuwel, Close to Paarl


  • Length 30 minutes – 1 Hour
  • Departure Time Mornings
  • Transport None - Can be arranged
  • Departs Everyday
  • Meals None


  • 30 minute flight from R1000 per person
  • This flight takes place over the west coast farmlands, with views of Table mountain, ostrich, pelicans and small game. Just enough to wet your appetite!

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