Scuba Diving in Cape Town

Scuba Diving in Cape Town

Cape Town boasts a variety of magnificent scuba diving activities and sites for all diving preferences and qualifications. From the many reef and wreck dives to diving with playful seals in their natural surrounds at Seal Island and Partridge Point or alongside the sleek and graceful Ragged Tooth Sharks, sheltered within the predator exhibit of the Two Ocean’s Aquarium.

Below find just a few of our preferred sites. Contact us for further alternatives and quotations… Exact dive site on the day can vary due to weather and sea conditions.


Justin’s Caves

This dive starts off with a short swim to a little sandy patch. Once on the bottom we swerve left over a shallow crevice, after which we find the first of Justin’s caves. Entrances are filled with the most beautiful coloured knobbly anemones, goose barnacles and feather worms. At the end of cave one, you reach yet another cave which splits into two other parts, both reaching the same destination. The site when exiting this maze of rock, is absolutely amazing! The underwater realm transfers into a bed of urchins and sea cucumbers! 

Max Depth: 18 meters

Type of dive: Shore Dive

The Antipolis Wreck (1977)

This 25 000 ton Greek Oil Tanker sank during a storm on 29 July 1977. She was being towed with the Romelia when the cable snapped and they both became victims of the Cape of Storms.

Max Depth: 12 meters

Type of dive: Shore Dive

Clifton Rocks

Definitely one of our most favourite sites! Clifton Rocks gives you the whole Caribbean feeling! With the beach just 100 metres away, big boulders and lots of African sun, it’s a divers dream! This spot gives you CT diving in one. Filled with soft sponge, nudibranch, starfish, crayfish, cape rock grab, anemones and breath taking swim throughs, you can imagine why.

Max Depth: 18 meters

Type of dive: Boat Dive / Shore Dive


Castle Rock

Castle rock is probably the best dive site in False Bay. The dive starts in a bay-type area, which is formed by huge boulders. It is rich in both colour and fish life. Almost guaranteed on every dive is the company of a Red Roman fish, all to eager to have a look at what you’ll be pointing to next. Flat rocks are covered with the green cape see grass which gives a beautiful contrast to the red, blue, orange, yellow anemones.

Max Depth: 15 metres

Type of Dive: Shore Dive

The Clan Stuart Wreck (1914)

This British turret steamer went ashore at Glencairn beach at 02h00 on the 21st of November 1914. She dragged her anchors during a southeaster and met her fate. The night left her broken up with only the steam engine block pointing out, which can still be seen today. This is a very nice beginners wreck dive with the occasional seal swimming around.

Max Depth: 9 metres

Type of dive: Shore Dive

Partridge Point

Characterised by amazing crevasses, caves swim throughs and overhangs. Definitely one of the popular dive sites with all the marine life present. A colony of seals has made their home close by and might just pop in for a bit of an investigation.

Max Depth: 20 meters

Type of dive: Boat Dive


  • 2 Dives
  • Rental of all diving equipment, including wetsuits


  • Meals and snacks


  • From R 850pp (Around U$ 105* - calculated at an exchange rate of ZAR 8 to USD 1. For the current exchange rate click here.)
  • This rate includes pick up from your Cape Town hotel. Pick up and drop will be at your hotel or any other address in the Cape Town area.

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